Sunday, August 29, 2010

Roadtax Protective Film

RM10 (post include)--can use 4 years in IMPROVED VERSION~~no more suffer in road tax dropping

2 clear transparent protective film + 4 replaceable film---RM10 (post included and no hidden fees~)

-It is REUSABLE up to 4 years~!! / if 2 cars you can use 2 years at the same time~!!
- road tax will stick onto the replaceable film,
- then use the protective film to hold the replaceable film~
- Road tax no more dropping and wont direct contact with the windscreen
- No need purchase protective film or replaceable film every year, you just buy one time, and no more annoying every year,and be a smart customer~!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

T10 8x3528SMD (can bus)

T10 8x3528SMD (can bus)
High quality finishing for BMW, and Japanese car
warranty 1 month

selling price - RM39/pair

T10 2x5050SMD (can bus)

T10 2x5050SMD (can bus)
240 viewing angle
High quality 5050SMD finishing, suitable use for BMW, Japanese car as well
warranty 1 month

selling price - RM33/pair

Knight rider LED - multicolor

Knight rider led - multicolor

function - added new pattern, with 7 different color selectable/random mode

length - 56cm

selling price - RM200/pcs

Knight rider LED -sound control

knight rider led - sound control

function - normal 20+ selectable pattern, sound detection mode with 7 level sensitivity adjustment, signal light detection scanning mode

length - 56cm

selling price - RM140/pcs

Sunday, September 13, 2009


~White color~
item sold out

Monday, August 3, 2009


White color (3.5mm x 2.8mm)
This SMD LED only got 2 pole,(+) (-), not same like superflux,


resistor calculator<------Click me You can use 14V to calculate if want to put this LED into the car

MOQ 35 pcs


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

(DIY) Superflux LED


1) white color flux----RM1/pcs only

Description MAX value
power dissipation ---------------100mW
peak forward current -----------100mA
continuous forward current ----- 35mA
reverse voltage -------------------- 5V
forward voltage ------------- (min)3.0v, (typical)3.3v, (max)3.6v

2) blue color flux----RM1/pcs only
Max 5v
Max 35mA

3) red color flux----RM0.80/pcs only
Max 3V

4) yellow color flux----RM0.80/pcs only
Max 3V

Resistance Calculator <------click me

if you wanna put your DIY LED into car,
please use 14V to calculate for safe side,
1) white-25mA,3.6V
2) Blue-20mA,3.6V
3) Red-20mA,2.0V
4) Yellow-20mA,2.2V

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Knight rider LED (nice trailling effects)

Dear all,

Free movie intro for you all for review,

I would like to introduce to you all,
Knight Rider LED with multiple function mode~
the system provide remote control which can control ON/OFF, mode selection, speed controling.

Below is my product
Knight Rider LED
now with Classic red, modern white color,charming blue~

you guys can use the remote to ON/OFF, mode selection, speed controlling.
nice trailing effect~~!!

Led Knight Rider lights Installation instructions
Installation instructions

.RED wire = 12V battery (+)
.BLACK wire = negative ground (-)

.Knight Rider Led lights Installs in the grill position of automobile.(cable tie and double side tape would be ideal for holding)

Operating guide
Wireless remote control:
1、 Button A for power switch.
2、 Button B for accelerating pattern-changing effort.
3、 Button C for different pattern, you can choose some kinds circulatory Button
4、 D for slowdown pattern-changing effort.

Product characteristic:
1) Change pattern, above ten kinds scanning pattern, has the trailing effect. Adjustable scanning velocity

2) If after power failure procedure then self-recovery memory function (that is circular telegram will still the same pattern before power failure), you may choose automatically according to order cyclic transformation all patterns, also can designate some kind of pattern, all functions through the wireless remote control .

3) Knight Rider lights uses Flux LED, low waster and long using life;

4) Waterproofing, shockproof, corrosion preventing

5) Installs simply, does not destroy the automobile original electric circuit, international standard vehicle type installment

6) Working voltage: 12VDC

Classic red-RM120 (buy 2 free postage)
modern white-RM120 (buy 2 free postage)
charming blue-RM120 (buy 2 free postage)

2 weeks upon item send out
All item have check 100% working condition before send out